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Welcome Pad®

An extraordinary welcome

A mattress that is simply unique, like your baby

Welcome Pad® is a special ergonomic support designed in collaboration with a team of neonatal paediatricians to welcome your baby and accompany them during the first delicate months of life.

Pampered and protected

The shape of the Welcome Pad® is designed to give the baby the envelopment and protection they need, especially in the first 7-9 weeks of life when it is advisable to reproduce conditions that mimic intrauterine conditions as closely as possible.

Always in the most correct position

Welcome Pad® promotes comfortable lying on the back and alignment of the spine; it helps the baby to breathe correctly.

L’apparato respiratorio del neonato è immaturo e il suo respiro è di tipo addominale. Mantenere la colonna vertebrale in posizione distesa e allineata, oltre a favorirne il corretto sviluppo fisico, facilita la respirazione. È importante che fin dai primi giorni il bambino sia educato a dormire nella posizione supina.

Against plagiocephaly

The special shape of the disc where the babies rest their heads mitigates the risk of plagiocephaly, better known as Flathead Syndrome, and promotes the natural closure of the posterior fontanelle.

It adapts to growth

The adjustable anatomical cylinder gently accompanies the natural flexion of the baby’s legs, promoting osteoskeletal muscle relaxation

Il neonato non ha ancora la capacità di utilizzare al meglio i centri della termoregolazione del suo sistema nervosocentrale, perciò non è in grado di mantenere una temperatura corporea costante. La sua pelle è sottile e facilmente aggredibile dai raggi UV, dal freddo e dagli agenti inquinanti.

Sensory stimulation

The special arch quilting on the underside provides the baby with tactile experiences that are essential for gaining knowledge of themselves and their body structure.

Thermal comfort

Welcome Pad® controls the baby’s temperature and perspiration thanks to its highly breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo fibre lining and 3D mesh coupled with foam padding. The 3D mesh bottom and 40 ventilation holes of the mattress favour air circulation and prevent moisture build-up.